About Us

The “American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association” (ATCMA) is a non-profit organization registered January 2016, in Florida, U.S.A. under the name “American TCM Association” or ATCMA. The ATCMA is a professional association for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) profession, established with strong support from the TCM American Alumni Association (TCMAAA), college faculty members and experts, and experienced practitioners.  The Association aims to become the leading professional organization for TCM practitioners in the U.S.

Note: TCMAAA was founded in 2014 by uniting the U.S. branches of twenty-five Chinese university alumni associations and several TCM professional colleges in the United States. This association promotes academic studies with renowned TCM experts and presents web seminars on platforms such as WeChat, which are hosted weekly by different academic institutions.   Recently, TCMAAA has received high acclaim in the TCM industry of the United States and gained further influence abroad.