Board of Directors

Haihe Tian
President, In charge of overall management of the ATCMA organization.

Hui Wei
Executive Vice President and CEO: Supervise and coordinate business operations, and be responsible for human resources, academic conference, commercialization, and international information exchange and cooperation etc.

Chong He
Vice President: Responsible for budgeting and investments, fund raising, online lectures, and website development etc.

Ying Fan
Vice President: Responsible for drafting and modifying of articles of ATCMA, business regulations and standards, research and development, and publication of journals of ATCMA.

Deguang He
Vice President: Responsible for supervising and auditing of accounting and taxes, and publication of magazine, etc.

Ming Jin
Vice President: Responsible for academic training, master’s teaching and inheriting etc.

Changzhen Gong

Vice President: Responsible for Education and publicize.

Dehui Wang

Vice President: Responsible for the formation and operation of academic committees, publishing and editing etc.

Jipu Wen

Vice President:: Responsible for  Business Development

Hui Ouyang
Secretary: Responsible for daily operations, including document editing, conference recording, public relationship, media, and advertisement etc.

Qian Wen
Attorney: legal consulting and supporting to ATCMA.