Academic Committee

Academic Committee of TCM Gynecology

  The Academic Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Gynecology is the affiliated committee of the American TCM Association (ATCMA). Its missions are to unite the professionals of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) and acupuncture in the United States, especially those with gynecology postgraduate education or gynecological professional experience in China, and these engaged in clinical research or teaching in TCM gynecology for years, as well as acupuncturists or researchers with gynecological and interdisciplinary; to connect and advance TCM professionals through academic activities of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, training for overseas TCM gynecology specialists, academic exchange programs for TCM gynecologists overseas, and sharing the latest academic developments in TCM and Western medicine gynecology and sharing experiences in clinical diagnosis and treatment ; It is its mission as well to improve academic and clinical level of TCM gynecology overseas, to advocate TCM gynecology, to contribute to the development and promotion of overseas TCM gynecology.

  Academic Committee of TCM Gynecology is committed to raise the overall academic level of TCM gynecology, to introduce TCM gynecology into the mainstream of the U.S. medical system, and to promote cooperation and exchange in gynecology among the U.S., China, and the world. These academic cooperation and exchange include conduct of academic activities, such as seminars and lectures, within the United States Associations of TCM, establishment of cooperative relationship with TCM Gynecology Committee of Chinese Medicine Societies, the Committee of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, the Gynecology Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the Chinese gynecological society groups around the world at all levels of communication, cooperation in gynecological Chinese Medicine Conference and other international exhibitions Exchange. Website of TCM gynecological Committee is to be used as United States gynecological specialist clinic network, or connection and consultation tools to promote clinical skill advancement of TCM gynecology.


Academic Committee of Chinese Herbology and Prescriptions

  The Academic Committee of Chinese Herbology and Prescriptions is the affiliated committee of the American TCM Association (ATCMA). By bringing together experts of Chinese herbology in various fields, from prescription, clinical application and scientific research in the United States, the Committee, with an objective to improve Chinese herbology and prescriptions knowledge level in the nation's acupuncturist community, looks for comprehensive developments of Chinese herbology and prescriptions in all aspects, the literatures, educations, and research and development, and commercialization.
  The focuses of the Committee in recent years are mainly followings:

  1. By coordinating with elites in the field of Chinese herbology and prescription in the United States and around the world, to improve the compilation of textbooks for Chinese herbology and prescription, edit and publish Chinese herbology and prescription textbooks on the bases of modern disease diagnosis and treatment, which is not only suitable for modern clinical application, also will be used as textbooks for postgraduate and continuous education;
  2. To give full play to its role in the academic exchanges of the carrier through WeChat platform hosting academic conferences, sharing of experts' academic experience;
  3. To gather elites in the field of Chinese herbology and prescription in the United States and around the world to edit advanced Chinese herbology and prescriptions courses or curriculum libraries to optimize the US Chinese herbology and prescriptions education standards;
  4. To drive research and development in Chinese herbology and prescriptions in the United States, and to promote commercialization of these research projects or academic results;
  5. To host or co-organize academic conferences under the leadership of American TCM Association


Academic Committee of Acupuncture

  The Academic Committee of Acupuncture is the affiliated committee of the American TCM Association (ATCMA). Its activities are divided into teaching, research, and clinical work:

  1. Unite acupuncture practitioners in the U.S. and gather the nation's elites in clinical, teaching and scientific research together, create the most authoritative acupuncture academic community in the United States.
  2. Participate in acupuncture research programs, project guideline setup and assessment; adhere to the traditional and scientific development.
  3. Participate in validation and editing of the latest version acupuncture textbook, add clinical case studies to the textbooks for students and doctoral classes in the United States.
  4. Recommend the current reform program of the acupuncture educational institutions in China, about the model, the content of the adjustment to assist acupuncture education department to have a better policy in line with social needs for clinical and research.
  5. Set up worldwide acupuncture "Challenger" program, which the selection committee can select outstanding acupuncture elites in the United States and across the world.
  6. Establish standard acupuncture treatment plan for common diseases, in order to help post-school and as far as possible to promote it in the world and also to build joint-clinics, if possible.
  7. Adhere to the definition and protection of the acupuncture industry, to protect the interests of acupuncture practitioners from the perspective of policies and regulations.
  8. Establish contacts and exchanges among professional organizations around the world, and actively interact with these organizations. Utilize the world's best academic achievements in order to enhance the academic standards of acupuncture in the United States.
  9. Regulate and standardize acupuncture industry, in term of software and hardware. Certify acupuncture practitioners and on-the-job training, and issue professional certification.
  10. Reach out to western medicine practitioners and insurance agencies and unite any Acupuncture Association or member for the best interests of acupuncture industry.


Academic Committee of TCM Dermatology

  Academic Committee of TCM dermatology is the affiliated committee of American TCM Association (ATCMA). The missions are focusing on TCM treatments of dermatology diseases to help TCM and acupuncture practitioners to improve their TCM dermatology knowledge and treatment skills; expanding the market of TCM and acupuncture treatment of dermatologic diseases, reach out the U.S. TCM education institutions and the mainstream medical community; and enhancing the cooperation and exchanges among TCM and acupuncture dermatology professional organizations in China and around the world.
The Academic Committee of TCM Dermatology is formed by TCM dermatologists in the United States, who have received formal education and advance training in TCM and acupuncture dermatology, have been practicing in dermatology for many years in China or in the United States, and have high attainments and achievements of theory, practice, teaching, and research in traditional Chinese medicine and in modern dermatology.

  The Academic Committee of TCM Dermatology will serve professionals and enthusiasts of TCM dermatology in the following areas:

  1. Professional training certificate in TCM dermatology;
  2. Continuing education courses in TCM dermatology;
  3. Doctoral training courses in TCM dermatology;
  4. Recommendation of TCM dermatologists and advertising the latest dermatology products;
  5. Public education and market development of TCM dermatology;
  6. Hosting or co-organization of academic TCM dermatology conference, and organization of papers publication and thematic forum;
  7. Organization of experts to provide case consultation in TCM dermatology;
  8. Guidance and evaluation of TCM dermatology clinical research;
  9. Carrying out various forms of academic exchanges among professional associations in the world.


Academic Committee of TCM Orthopedics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)

  Academic Committee of TCM Orthopedics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) are the affiliated committee of American TCM Association (ATCMA). It missions are to promote TCM orthopedic and PM&R professional development in the United States and to contribute to the public health in the world; to educate professionals, students, and the public on the latest information of this specialty field; to help professional practitioners to enhance their professional skills; to guide the public in choosing the correct TCM orthopedic and PM&R resources for keeping their wellness and improving their health.

  Its vision is that this academic committee will not only become a leading orthopedic and PM&R organization in traditional Chinese medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, but also the top professional experts to fuse into the mainstream medicine in the United States.

  Academic Committee of TCM Orthopedics and PM&R activities:

  1. Gather experts and scholars in the field of pain management, orthopedics, and PM&R; use WeChat lectures and case studies to exchange information among professionals.
  2. According to the needs of the ATCMA, gradually carry out various forms of continuing education, establish advisory services in this field, and promote inter-disciplinary connections. Try to establish our own academic journals. Review and edit on relevant academic papers submitted by our members.
  3. Cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine associations in the U.S. Learn from each other to improve the visibility and charisma of the committee, while promote the mutual progress and development of every committee;
  4. Gradually establish clinical experts’ network in various regions in the United States. Establish large-scale cooperation and provide special services when it is necessary. At the same time, establish co-operate relations with relevant academic committee in China and initiate all levels of communication and organize international academic conference in this field.
  5. Give full play to the role of the network; establish a professional committee website and a distance diagnosis and consultation system in TCM orthopedic and PM&R in the United States. Promote the continuous improvement of professional skills in this field.
  6. Explore and find potential research projects and topics and develop products to improve the quality of treatment.
  7. 参Participate in advanced level orthopedics and PM&R professional education. Edit and publish TCM Orthopedics and PM&R text books and journals.


Academic Committee of TCM Internal Medicine

  Academic Committee of TCM Internal Medicine is the affiliated committee of American TCM Association (ATCMA).

  Its missions are to: unite TCM internal medicine experts throughout the United States, and promote TCM Internal Medicine in the United States; Improve the overall academic and clinical skills of TCM internal medicine; Carry out academic activities in TCM internal medicine; Provide advance level training in TCM internal medicine to specialists oversea; Keep abreast of the latest academic trends and the latest developments in TCM internal medicine; Share experience and knowledge in clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine; Disseminate and popularize knowledge in TCM internal medicine, to contribute to the vigorous development and promotion of TCM internal medicine in the United States.

  Comprehensive plans and ideas include:

  1. To hold academic conferences on internal medicine of TCM regularly, discuss and solve difficult miscellaneous diseases daily on We-Chat to improve the professional level of TCM internal medicine in the USA.
  2. To cooperate with TCM internal medicine academic institutions from China and around the world to organize academic conferences or training in order to promote international exchanges and cooperation of TCM internal medicine.
  3. To establish TCM internal medicine industry standard in the USA, as well as organize specialist training and issue certification.
  4. To cooperate with other committees to improve TCM all kinds professional level in the USA.
  5. To establish Academic Committee of TCM Internal Medicine website. To help practitioners promote professional skills. To guide the public to select right TCM Orthopedics and rehabilitation resources in order to facilitate the maintenance and promotion of health.

  The committee’s vision is not only to become the leader in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, complementary, alternative medicine orthopedic and rehabilitation, but also to merge in the American mainstream medical system as an expert committee.


Academic Committee of TCM Qigong and Tai Chi

  Academic Committee of TCM Qigong and Tai Chi is the affiliated committee of American TCM Association (ATCMA). The missions are to promote, popularize and improve the academic level of TCM Qigong and Tai Chi, to initiate and develop new exercises, to research TCM Qigong and Tai Chi’s effect on human physiological and pathological function. At the same time, to expand the influence of TCM Qigong and Tai Chi in the United States, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with counterparts around the world.

  Comprehensive plans and ideas include:

  1. To verify and categorize TCM Qigong and Tai Chi, to identify its efficacy and applicability;
  2. To hold TCM Qigong and Tai Chi training courses;
  3. To develop TCM Qigong and Tai Chi assessment standards, to issue TCM Qigong and Tai Chi professional certificate;
  4. To popularize TCM Qigong and Tai Chi education to primary and secondary schools in order to improve the general health of teenagers; This can also benefit all the families and communities;
  5. To actively participate in sporting events and social activities in the local community to publicize TCM Qigong and Tai Chi, which can reduce stress and improve their immune system and adaptability;
  6. To positively submit TCM Qigong and Tai Chi’s effects on the relevant national and international magazines;
  7. To hold TCM Qigong and Tai Chi academic lectures and to give reporting demonstration on annual meeting; To guide attendees to practice TCM Qigong and Tai Chi;
  8. To actively organize TCM Qigong and Tai Chi daily so that people know and love TCM Qigong and Tai Chi;
  9. To Strengthen TCM Qigong and Tai Chi’s collaboration with other organizations; To participate in relevant events and join other organizations;
  10. To publish TCM Qigong and Tai Chi educational videos and books;
  11. To recruit TCM Qigong and Tai Chi members, which is open to licensed acupuncturists and anyone with interests;
  12. To attend and organize TCM Qigong and Tai Chi research activities.


Academic Committee of TCM Oncology

  Academic Committee of TCM Oncology is the affiliated committee of American TCM Association ACTCM. The committee is composed of experienced experts on TCM oncology either clinically or academically.

  Its mission is to promote TCM and acupuncture intervention for the treatment of cancer. So that TCM can play its rightful role in the treatment and prevention of cancer. In spite of the rapid development of modern scientific technology and the highly improved treatment of cancer, its side effects and a variety of complications cannot be resolved totally. In contrast, TCM and acupuncture can solve the problem with skills and ease. On one hand, TCM and acupuncture can help modern cancer treatment create a better platform. On the other hand, TCM and acupuncture make a significant contribution to prevent cancer by regulating and unifying neuro-psycho-immunology system based on the Qi balance.

  The main task of Academic Committee of TCM Oncology is to spare every effort to promote and educate professional colleagues to value the treatments of cancer and help them eliminate fears to cancer. Accumulating abundant clinical experience to treat cancer will ultimately merge TCM cancer treatment into the US mainstream medical system for the benefit of patients and human beings.

  1. To hold academic seminars and clinical cases discussion on TCM oncology WeChat regularly to popularize and improve the basic TCM theory and clinical knowledge level in the United States;
  2. To cooperate and communicate with Integrative Oncology Society and local TCM Society in the United States; To organize academic seminars and lectures to increase communication on TCM oncology development;
  3. To cooperate with Western medicine clinical oncology society so that Western medicine mainstream can know more about clinical efficacy of TCM oncology;
  4. The commission will encourage and help members write medical papers. If possible, commission will participate in the scientific research, summarize clinical experience, publish academic journals, improve research ability of TCM and enhance the influence of TCM oncology;
  5. Under the unified leadership of the ACTCM and cooperation with other academic committees, TCM practitioners and acupuncturists will have a bright future oversea.