Announcement of the re-election of the Standing Council

Dear ATCMA members and friends of the American Society of Chinese Medicine Hello everyone!
The American Association of Chinese Medicine (ATCMA) is a national TCM organization with members all over the US states. Under the leadership of the Standing Council and the Council, through long-term and unremitting hard work, remarkable achievements have been made! At present, 14 professional committees have been formed, which have played a leading role in the academic field, and have established extensive cooperative relations with influential professional organizations in the United States and internationally. The six American TCM conferences have been successfully held. Online and offline academic lectures and training, the American TCM Forum and the International TCM Forum/WeChat Academy to which the society belongs to hold countless academic lectures, which have played an important role in improving the academic level and clinical skills of the industry!
The leadership collective with the standing council as the core plays a key role in the development of the society and has made great contributions. Four years have passed, and it is time for the re-election of the Standing Council. At the work summary and general meeting of the Standing Council of the American Society of Chinese Medicine held on December 8, 2020, three executive directors completed the current work and entered the board of supervisors to continue to perform their supervisory and supervisory functions. They are Jin Ming (New York State), He Chong (Florida), and Wen Jipu (Arizona). Thanks for their long-term dedication!

The remaining members of the Standing Council are Tian Haihe (Florida), Wei Hui (Florida), Fan Ying (Victoria), He Deguang (Massachusetts), Wang Dehui (Ohio), Gongchang Town (Mingzhou) and Ouyang Hui (Texas) ), as well as expanding the members of the Standing Council, the legal counsel of the society, Dr. Michelle Brown, and at the same time adding new executive directors, they are Yang Changqing (California) and Su Yiwen (Washington State). I believe that the new standing council will continue to double Work hard, work hard in unity, serve everyone wholeheartedly, and make the society better and better!

Thank you for your continued support and care! Let Chinese medicine acupuncture flourish in the United States and benefit more people. Thank you!

From the Standing Council of the National Association of Chinese Medicine