世界中医杂志(美国版) 2022 年第三卷第一期
王杰和刘健研究了 circRNA0003353 与类风湿关节炎患者的免疫炎症和骨代谢的相关性。程剑


-Special Issue of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicines

The articles in this issue of the journal are mainly from Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. From this issue, the journal will publish papers from various TCM universities (colleges) one after another.
Each issue will focus on one university of Chinese medicine, while other articles will be published. This is the best way for the journal to introduce and promote
It is also a way for the National TCM Association and the American TCM Alumni Association to strengthen their ties with TCM universities.
It is also one of the ways for the National TCM Association and the American TCM Alumni Association to strengthen their ties with TCM universities. Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (AUCTM) took the journal's request for articles very seriously and launched a campus-wide initiative to solicit articles.
The university's faculty and students responded actively and submitted a large number of high-quality papers. After careful selection and evaluation by experts from various disciplines, the winning papers were selected and provided to the journal for selection.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to this journal! Due to space limitations, only some of the papers are published in this issue, and we will try to find opportunities to publish other articles in the future.




Main contents of this issue
In response to the harsh reality of the Newcastle plague that is ravaging the world, this issue features the "Newcastle Plague Issue". The National TCM Association/American TCM Alumni Association's advice to U.S. acupuncture practitioners is included here, and is worth reading by clinical professionals to better help patients and protect themselves. The article "Interviews on New Coronary Pneumonia" is a record of statements made by several renowned experts, explaining from different perspectives the understanding and response of TCM to the New Coronary Plague. Fan polish combined the views of Chinese and Western medicine and proposed the TCM dialectic and treatment methods for the different stages of Neoplasm. Ma Shouchun synthesized the treatises on epidemics by traditional doctors such as typhoid fever and warm disease, and summarized the three horizontal and three vertical treatment plans for the new crown disease. Zhang Guoliang summarized the philosophy of TCM treatment for critically ill patients from the unique perspective of analyzing death cases. Yang Changqing and Xiao Shiwu presented their insights on emotional diseases and damp and plague miasms, respectively.