Clinical Applications of Shang Han Lun’s contemporary texts and classical formulas ( by Professor Hao, Wanshan)

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Dr. Wan Shan Hao,  a known Chinese Medicine Specialty,  is a professor in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BUTCM).  He is also a chief medical doctor and an advisor of doctoral students.  He used to be the director of the Shang Han Lun Teaching and Studying Section and the dean of the Fundamental Chinese Medicine Department in BUTCM.
He involved in many teaching and research projects. He received excellent teacher award in BUTCM and became an innovative teacher model of Beijing city.  He is one of the famous experienced Chinese doctors. He is one of the committee members and one of the excellent mentors in the Chinese Medicine Clinical Personnel Training Committee formed by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM).  He also directed the initial project of Shang Han Lun quality course for China’s Education Bureau.  Furthermore, he is the key lecturer of Shang Han Lun in the national demo teaching of TCM classics assigned by NATCM.
He is in the list of top 10 people in Healthy China 2015, a multi-media selection program.  He is also invited to be the speaker to many national and provincial TV programs.  Lecture topics include: Chinese culture and philosophy,  health and wellness, medical treatment and diagnosis, diet and longevity.  He is not only a national educator of Chinese medicine, but also an international disseminator of Chinese Medicine.     His was invited to give lectures in many countries or areas, such as Korea, France, the United States, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand,  Taiwan and Hong Kong.
He gained enormous clinical experience with psychosomatic disorders, certain psychiatric disorders, gynecological and febrile diseases, etc.
His major publications are:  Hao’s Shang Han Lun Lecture Notes, Shang Han Lun Theory and Clinical Use(Taiwan), Hao’s Words about Chinese Medicine, Hao’s Words about Health, No Anger then No Sick (Chinese and Korean), Walk into Chinese Medicine,   etc.  He is also the editor in chief for 14 text books, including the Shang Han Lun Theory and Experience (a national standard text for TCM graduated students), Selected Texts from Shang Han Lun (an undergraduate textbook).  He coauthored  or co-edited 16 books, including Practical Collection of Classical Formular, Explanation of Shang Han Lun, Commentary and Correction of Shang Han Lun, etc.  He has published over 100 articles in national and international journals. His lectures are also published in audio and videos, including videos of Hao’s comprehensive lecture in Shang Han Lun, Sub-health and Wellness, The Ancient Chinese Medicine Story about Zhang Zhong Jing, Hao’s Words about Health,  Hao’s Words about Chinese Medicine, etc.

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