China-US Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum

The 2nd International Medical Qi Gong & Tai Chi Forum

The 6th American TCM Congress and China-US Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum will be sponsored by American TCM Association (ATCMA), TCM American Alumni Association (TCMAAA) and China Association of Chinese Medicine (CACM), and presented by East West Healing Center and American Alumni Association of Gansu University of TCM, ATCMA Acupuncture Academic Committee, ATCMA Orthopedics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Academic Committee, ATCMA Medical Qi Gong and Tai Chi Academic Committee. It will be co-organized by the Illinois Society of Acupuncturists (ILSA) and Asian American Acupuncture Association (AAAA). In this Congress, we will be inviting the professors, doctors, and experts from China as well as the United States to share their experience and study of TCM. Special topics include Dunhuang medicine (敦煌医药学), Tibetan medicine (藏医药), and Prof. Zheng Kuishan's acupuncture technique (郑魁山教授针法). These topics are unique to Gansu University of Chinese Medicine.

Conference Themes

1. Acupuncture techniques and clinical application

2. TCM treatment for orthopedic disorders

3. TCM treatment for infertility

4. TCM Cancer treatments

5. Clinical application of classic and modern TCM herbal formulas

6. Clinical application of folk techniques of TCM

7. TaiChi, Qigong practice technique and rehabilitation

Schedule & Location

    Saturday and Sunday, September 19-20, 2020 in Chicago. On Saturday, there will be morning and afternoon presentations, a group photo, a free luncheon, and attendees will have dinner on their own. There will be an after-dinner evening party with free dessert.

    On Sunday, there will be morning and afternoon presentations. Attendees will have lunch on their own. Congress ends in the early evening on Sunday. More detail about the program will be released in August 2020.



1. Leon Chen





2. American TCM Association


Continuing Education Credits

Offer 16 CEUs/PDAs, 2 Ethics and 2 Safety approve by NCCAOM

Important information

In-depth study classes will be held before and after the conference

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Simultaneous interpretation

Chinese to English



Event location:

Hyatt Regency O'Hare Chicago. 9300 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Rosemont, IL 60018

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Call for Papers

1. Scope of the thesis: Any clinical, education, scientific research, health care, integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, and legislation of traditional Chinese medicine can be involved; Oncology, Jingfang and New Medicines, Folk Techniques, Dunhuang and Tibetan Medicine, etc.) will give priority to the collection of theses.

2. Call for Papers:

• When submitting a paper, the homepage should include the following: title, author name, mailing address, and abstract (within 300 words in both Chinese and English)

• Use Word document format, paper and paper sent to Congress Received mail by e-mail: (Link SENDS E-mail)• E-mail submission of "theme (Subject)" please indicate "Papers years ——Author XXX ", please include the author's unit name, mailing address, contact phone number, and email address in the email for contact.

• Presentation of PPT files for presentations, in both Chinese and English. • Submit the main body of the paper, within 3000 words (English or Chinese).

Deadline for submission: Compilation of conference papers by July 31, 2020.

Selected papers will be selected and published in the American edition of the World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly published by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the National Association of Chinese Medicine.

Payment Methods

1. Check: Make a check to ATCMA; send a check to Ding Acupuncture Herb Center.

address: 1139 Raritan Rd Suite 103, Clark, NJ 07066;

put reason, last and first name on the check memo.

2. PayPal or Credit Card

3. Bank transfer

to American TCM Association Corporation; Account number: 229055911556

International wires are the followings:

Refund Policy

One month in advance of the conference - full refund;

Less than one month - no refund;

All refunds are subject to a fee of $ 100.00 - including money wiring transfer, check payments and website payments

Participants outside the United States

1. The conference will send an invitation letter, asking you to apply for a visa to the US embassy (or consulate) in China, and then come to the United States to attend the conference yourself. Before sending the invitation letter, please pay the conference fee and fill in the non-detention agreement.

2. Domestic travel agencies will organize delegations to participate in the conference. Visas will be uniformly arranged by the travel agency. The secretary group of the conference will help coordinate the travel agency's itinerary arrangements.



Request Receipt for Participants Outside the U.S.

Please send the receipt to the contact person Leon Chen(e-mail: of the conference before April 15, 2020

1. Send the receipt as early as possible by email or WeChat or fax.

2. Contents of receipt: * Name, * Gender, * Age, * Title / Title, * Work unit, * Thesis title and 200-word abstract of the thesis, * Correspondence address, * E-mail address, * WeChat, * Phone / Mobile, * Indicate whether you come to the United States to participate in the conference by yourself or participate in a travel agency to the United States.

3. If you are interested in participating in a group tour of a domestic travel agency, please reply as soon as possible so that we can contact the travel agency.


Exhibitor Fees

1. Gold Sponsor (1)

Opening Address at the Opening Ceremony. Exclusive Name Right The 6th American TCM Congress and China-US Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum Company logo displayed in the Acupuncture Today.Signature banner display with company logo as Gold Sponsor Two booths at your preferred location. The position is open for now, please contact us for the gold opportunity.

3、Bronze Sponsor (5)

Signature banner display with company logo as Bronze Sponsor, One booth, Choose to sponsor one of the following 5 options: Company logo on name badge, Company logo on goodie bags, Sponsoring a tea break on Saturday (The company’s banner will be displayed at the tea break zone), Company logo on the presentation printing out materials, Company logo on the USB drive with presentation handouts. The amount of sponsorship is $2000. Your company will have the opportunity to choose the exhibit location immediately after the Silver Sponsor choice and based on the payment order.

2、Silver Sponsor (3)

Named on Saturday, 20-minute presentation at Lunch, Signature banner display with company logo as Silver Sponsor, One booth with your selection, priority immediately after the Gold Sponsor choice. The amount of sponsorship is $5000.

4、General exhibitor (15)

Signature banner displayed with company logo, One booth, with your priority to choose exhibit location-based the order you paid for the sponsorship, following the Bonze selection. The amount of sponsorship is $1200. Early Bird Price by the end of May is $1,000.

Organization Host

American Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ATCMA)
American Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Alumni (TCMAAA)
Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine


American Alumni Association of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
East-West Healing Center
Acupuncture Committee of the National Association of Chinese Medicine
Bone Trauma and Rehabilitation Committee
ATCMA Medical Qi Gong and Tai Chi Academic Committee


Gansu University of Chinese Medicine
Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine Society
Gansu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Affiliated Hospital of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
«Western Chinese Medicine»
«Traditional Chinese Medicine Talk»
Illinois Society of Acupuncturists
Asian American Acupuncture Association

Chair: Haihe Tian (ATCMA President)

Committee Chair: Hui Wei (ATCMA Vice President, CEO)

Committee Vice-Chair:Leon Chen(Secretary-General), Biao Lu,Zhen Yan

Annual Meeting Planning Committee Members:Nina Wang, Chengchao Yin,Deguang He,Dan Jipu Wen,David Dehui Wang, Hui Ouyang, Scott Sizhe Lin, Louis Lei Jin, Daisy Hong Liu, Jian Shu, Bing You, Wenying Lin, Jihong Ding, Zhanxiang Wang, Suhong Xia, Xiyuan Qiu, Zhe Huang

Chairman: Jintian Li(President of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Chairman: Guochen Wang(Vice President and Secretary-General of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine)

Vice-Chairman: Jirong Zhao (President of Gansu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Vice-Chairman: Peishang Gan (President of Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine Association)

Member: Xiaogang Zhang, Dean of Affiliated Hospital of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,

                Wen Pan, President and Editor-in-Chief, Northwestern Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                Lindy Camardella, President, Illinois Society of Acupuncturists

                Jing Li, President of Asian American Acupuncture Association

                Dr. Xiaofang Peng «Traditional Chinese Medicine Talk»