全美中医药学会American TCM Association (ATCMA)是美国国税局注册批准的501(c)3非盈利机构。我们以提高大众健康为宗旨,团结全美所有中医人,建成涵盖最广的中医学术专业组织,联合世界各地的中医同道一同发展。制定,规范和执行美国中医针灸行业标准。建立各专业委员会,以学术为主,提升整体美国中医学术水平。宣传推广中医,让公众了解中医针灸的益处,提升全民保健意识;保护行业和会员利益,提供法律咨询和帮助;参政议政,促进美国中医针灸的全面立法。举办专科培训和专科认证 。举办学术会议,讲座,编写书籍,杂志等。评定和授予职称。开展中医针灸临床科研工作 。寻找国内国际合作伙伴,建起中美和世界的交流的桥梁。认证中药针灸企业,诊所。

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The American TCM Association (ATCMA) is a no-profit 501(c) 3 organization registered in United States Internal Revenue Service. Its mission is to promote public health. Its objectives are to ally Chinese Medicine specialties in the United States to build an academic professional organization that has the most extensive coverage of Chinese Medicine, and to extend membership coverage to all Chinese Medicine specialties across the world.  Its tasks are to develop, define, and implement industrial and professional standards in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture treatment modalities; To establish academic oriented professional committees for the improvement of overall academic levels of Chinese Medicine in United States. To propagate the Traditional Chinese Medicine and let the public understand more about the benefit of acupuncture, in order to promote universal health awareness; To protect interests of the industry and members and provide legal advice and assistances; To engage in political activities and policy making; To promote comprehensive legislations of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the United States. To organize professional trainings and issue specialty certifications; To host academic seminars and conferences; To edit and publish academic books and magazines etc.; To recognize outstanding professionals in their achievements in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and grant them professional titles; To lead clinical research projects in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; To initiate domestic and international TCM collaborations, aimed to bridge TCM information exchanges among United States and other countries in the world; To certify Chinese Herbal dispensers, acupuncture supplier and clinics.