Job Opportunities

As you can see, the American TCM Association (ATCMA), established on the basis of the alumni association, has been announced. We sincerely ask for your support! It is planned to recruit like-minded people across the United States, and solicit aspiring and promising colleagues who can work with us to achieve the development of Chinese medicine. After discussion by the Ministry of Personnel, it is now proposed to recruit the heads of each department as follows:

  1. Membership Development Department
  2. Financial Audit Department
  3. Advertising Development Department
  4. Network Information Department
  5. Specialist Training Department
  6. Fundraising Sponsorship Department
  7. Legal Planning Department
  8. Outreach Coordination Department
  9. Publicity Planning Department
  10. Industrial Development Department
  11. Journal Book Department
  12. Academic Affairs Department
  13. Department of Continuing Education
  14. Famous Teacher Inheritance Department
  15. International Language Department
  16. International Membership Department


basic requirements:

Have work experience in related departments, And work interest and enthusiasm; Have the spirit of teamwork, innovative thinking, voluntary dedication; Have sufficient knowledge and academic background of Chinese medicine.

Registration method:

You can contact Tian Haihe and Wei Hui through WeChat

You need to submit at the time of registration:

Resume, job vision and work plan of the application department. After we receive the registration, we will discuss the decision with the existing core preparatory group members

Deadline for registration: