1. Qualifications
    •  Practitioners: U.S. licensed acupuncturists who have graduated from accredited TCM/medical schools in China or the United States; or MDs with acupuncture training.   
    • Students: current students in acupuncture or TCM schools in the United States.
    • International membership: Individuals who have graduated from accredited TCM/medical schools outside the United States; and have obtained a license to practice acupuncture or TCM in their country of residence.
  2. Membership will be automatically revoked if a member engages in any criminal activities and ATCMA will not be liable for anything resulting from such activities.

Membership Benefits

  1. Discount: Discounted membership rates to attend any international, regional, or online academic conference/training, or any PDA/CEU course organized by ATCMA.  
  2. Complimentary database:  :  Free access to ATCMA TCM & acupuncture database on the association website, which provides search engine access to information on acupuncturists and their specialties, practice locations, and contact information, etc.
  3. Promoting Influence of the Profession: All individual members will benefit from the growth and expansion of ATCMA in the U.S.
    1. Our website will list members and their clinics which may be used by ATCMA and its members to make patient referrals;
    2. Members’ specialties will be recognized and endorsed;
    3. Members will have the opportunity to be honored in the following ways:
      1. Promotion within ATCMA or nomination as a professional  lecturer or service on ATCMA professional committees.
      2. Book writing and magazine editing for ATCMA.
  4. Recognition of member achievements, such as article or research publication, professional awards, or promotions, at annual ATCMA meetings or on the ATCMA website.
  5. Professional Suggestions: Advice and guidance by the TCM experts and the Academic Committee of the ATCMA on such topics as –
    1. Diagnosis and finding optimal treatment plans for special disease cases.
    2. Provision of professional medical opinions to the courts regarding medical disputes.
    3. Design and implementation of clinical research projects and paper publication
  6. Legal Support:  Legal advice and guidance given by our legal department or attorneys.

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Membership Fee: $ 60 per year

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The Rights and Obligations of Members

  1. To receive a discount for participating in all ATCMA academic activities.
  2. To make comments and suggestions on ATCMA operations and to review ATCMA governance documents.
  3. U.S. licensed members may participate in ATCMA governance, including voting for candidates or being eligible for election to ATCMA’s governing bodies: the ATCMA General Assembly/ the ATCMA Board of Directors.
  4. To join or cancel ATCMA membership freely.
  5. To comply with the ATCMA regulations and support the implementation of ATCMA policies.
  6. To actively participate in various activities organized by the Board of Directors, and maintain communication with the Board of Directors.
  7. To pay membership fees in a timely manner.