Wang Ying’s 2024 Modern Abdominal Diagnosis and Acupuncture Online Course

Date: From August 11, 2024, to September 8, 2024.

Registration Fee: $400. A $50 discount is available for students who have previously attended the Wang Ying Abdominal Acupuncture course organized by ATCMA.

Abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture involve using palpation of the abdomen to identify positive signs and then selecting corresponding acupuncture points for treatment based on these signs. This is a simple and practical diagnostic and treatment method that can be applied across various clinical disciplines, enabling practitioners to confidently address a wide range of clinical conditions and improve their therapeutic efficacy.

To better promote the study and clinical application of abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture, we have organized an online pre-conference course and a one-day practical workshop. We warmly welcome everyone’s active participation.

Online Course Schedule

Public welfare course: Introduction to modern abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture

Focus on the origin, development, main contents of abdominal diagnosis examination and clinical characteristics and advantages of abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture.

First lesson August 11: Commonly used treatment methods in abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture: Fire point diagnosis and Metal and water point treatment methods

Metal and water treatment can be used alone or as part of abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture. Its effect far exceeds the single five-shu point tonic mother-draining method. In this class, we will focus on the relationship between fire points and gold and water points, and how to use this method to treat common diseases in clinical practice: such as cholecystitis, appendicitis, pancreatitis, etc.

Second lesson August 18: Abdominal diagnosis and acupuncture unique acupuncture method: heating and cooling acupuncture method

Acupuncture method that allows you to quickly produce cooling and heating effects. It can be used in combination with other acupuncture methods. It has the effect of balancing yin and yang.

Third lesson August 25: Commonly used abdominal diagnosis positioning and related corresponding treatments.

Let you get rid of the traditional complex diagnosis and treatment methods, making diagnosis and treatment simpler and more standardized.

Fourth lesson September 1: Diagnosis and treatment of abdominal diagnosis of Yin and Yang Qiao Mai and Yin and Yang Wei Mai of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Fifth lesson September 8: Abdominal diagnosis and treatment of Ren Mai, Du Mai, Chong Mai and Dai Mai of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

The twelve meridians are rivers, and the eight extraordinary meridians are lakes. Only by unblocking the eight extraordinary meridians first, then the treatment of the twelve meridians be more successful.

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