Congratulations to Dr. Jiaowang Yi on being awarded the “NCCAOM Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Reported by Wei Hui, Executive Director of the ATCMA

On March 1st, I am honored to have been invited to attend the 2024 Annual Meeting Dinner of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the United States. The theme of this dinner is to award Dr. Jiaowang Yi the “Lifetime Achievement Award,” in recognition of his fifteen years of leadership and dedicated efforts on the NCCAOM board and his thirty-six years of continuous and selfless dedication as an expert contributing to NCCAOM’s work. This marks the first time in NCCAOM’s history that this award has been presented, acknowledging his unwavering and immense contributions to the field of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine throughout the United States.

During the banquet, many board members and staff shared moments and experiences of working with Dr. Jiaowang Yi. They expressed gratitude for his outstanding contributions to the field of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as for the assistance he has provided to each person. Everyone acknowledged Dr. Yi as an information hub, noting that whenever there is a question, he is the go-to person, always knowledgeable and selflessly offering help to everyone.

Doing a good deed is not difficult for a person, but what is truly challenging is consistently and selflessly helping others, consistently doing good. Dr. Jiaowang Yi is well-deserving of the praise for his genuine and consistent efforts in this regard!

On behalf of ATCMA and the Alumni Association of traditional Chinese Medicine Schools in the United States, I extend congratulations and heartfelt wishes to Dr. Jiaowang Yi for his award. We highly commend Dr. Yi for his unwavering contributions to the development of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine over the past four decades. We are delighted to have witnessed and shared this glorious and significant moment in the history of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in the United States during the conference.

In Dr. Jiaowang Yi’s acceptance speech, he expressed gratitude to every partner who has worked together in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. He thanked every mentor and good friend in his life and appreciated the opportunity to participate in the great cause of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in the United States. Dr. Yi expressed gratitude to the loving Heavenly Father for guiding him along the way, attributing all glory to Him.