TCM Documentary 《Return To Life》 Virtual Premiere

TCM documentary “Return to life” premiere was a great success!
Time: 2021-05-07 (Fri) 9pm EST
Location: ATCMA ZOOM
Hosts: Wei Hui, Executive Vice President and President of ATCMA, Jiao Wanyi, Vice Chairman of NCCAOM Board of Directors
Doug Dearth, director of the film and director of 9000 Needles; Mina Larson, president of NCCAOM; Marilyn Allen, editor-in-chief of Acupuncture today; Tian Haihe, president of the National Chinese Medicine Association and the Chinese Medicine Alumni Association of America; Javier Gonzales, former mayor of Santa Fe Javier Gonzales, Founder and Executive Chairman of Global Dragon Vision, and many other guests attended the premiere and made important speeches.
The film was followed by a Q&A session with head acupuncture experts Dr. Hao Jishun and Dr. Shi Lingzhi.

Thanks to everyone who attended the premiere!  For those of you who missed the free screening of the premiere, you can rent or purchase it from the Vimeo page. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!